Your Essential Medical Partner for Events

Specialized in Trauma Care Management for your upcoming gatherings, concerts,  occasions, and sports activities. 

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Years of Operation
Events Standby & Support
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Who we are?

EMS Services Ambulance

Your trusted partner for comprehensive ambulance support and services.

With a strong dedication to prompt and professional medical assistance, we’re here to provide you with top-notch care in times of need.

Whether you require urgent medical transportation, non-emergency medical transfers, or specialised care during transit, our experienced team is ready to deliver exceptional service.

What is our service?

EMS Ambulance & Medical Support Services


Medical Transport

Equipped with medical support, available 24/7 on-call ambulance services for any emergency, or hospital discharge transfer.


Events Medical On-Site Standby

Trained to coordinate mass gathering crises with emergency response planned management.


International & Domestic Repatriation

Professional medical escorts to manage domestic transfers and overseas or cross-border evacuations.


Appointment Trips

Provides attentive & reliable support to cater to patients’ scheduled hospital or clinic visits.


Training & Consultation

Emphasizing skills and knowledge of first aid procedures to enhance individual emergency preparedness (beginner to advance).


Medical Equipment Rental & Service

Premium medical devices to care for the needy are available with proper guidance.

Marathon & Cycle Events

Sports Day & Paralympics

Movie Shootings

Concerts & Expo

What we can do?

Medic Crews & Ambulance Team Management

Experienced in responding to crowd emergencies and coordinating on-ground cases, creating a perfect flow of management for medical assessment throughout events.

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We are truly honored to have had the opportunity to work with you.

Your decision to trust our services is something we deeply appreciate, and we want you to know that we’re committed to delivering the best results possible.The proactive approach alleviated any concerns we had and fostered a strong sense of confidence in their ability to handle medical emergencies effectively.

Stay at home

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Wear a facemask

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Clean & disinfectant

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